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Eyewear Cleaning and Care

Here are some tips, we recommend, on how to care for your glasses to keep them functioning as well as possible and to extend their lives.


Rinse your glasses with water before cleaning. Tiny particles can be abrasive when rubbed across the lens.

Clean lenses by using a lens spray or mild soap or a little dishwashing liquid, then rinse with water. Window detergent is not recommended as it may damage the lens’s coatings. You should never use cleaning liquid that contains Ammonia, Acetone or methylated spirits to clean the lenses.

Always use a clean soft cloth to wipe the lens after rinsing or cleaning. Do not use worn clothing that may have embedded dirt or paper products, included pre-moistened lens wipes, to clean your spectacles as this can scratch your lenses.

Wearing and Handling:

Do not wear your glasses on top of your head, as this can weaken or crack the frames. Also it could affect the optical alignment of your spectacles resulting in impaired vision.

Take them off with two hands instead of one. This keeps the earpieces straight and in the right alignment.

Always lay your glasses with lens surface face up on a steady surface to avoid scratch or inside a case when not in use.