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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice.

Spring & Summer Eye Care Tips: Eye Drops in Hot Weather

Find out how to safely use eye drops and lubricants during the hot months with our comprehensive guide on best application practices and the ideal types of eye drops. This will prevent eye dryness, irritation, and other seasonal discomforts.

Safe Eye Makeup Practices to Maintain Your Vision

This blog delves into the essential practices of safe eye makeup use to protect your vision while maintaining your style. From selecting hypoallergenic products to proper application and hygiene tips, it covers everything you need to know to minimize risks such as irritation, infections, and eye damage.

The Future of Eye Care: How Advanced Technology Transforms Vision Health

Save Your Vision Month is an ideal time to focus on the transformative role of advanced technology in eye care. Learn how these innovations offer unparalleled care, especially important during allergy season.

What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?

An individual's eyes can reveal a lot about them, including their mood, feelings, and even emotions. By simply looking at them, eyes can convey a warm, bright, and inviting vibe as well as a cold and repellent one – they are the window to a person’s soul. The Iris: What...