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Unmatched Eye Care Services in Nicholasville, KY

At Drs. Ditto and Musick Eye Care Center, we provide quality eye care services to the Nicholasville community and beyond. Our commitment to vision health is evident in every aspect of our practice, including cutting-edge technology, advanced services, and passionate professionals who strive to stay updated with the latest techniques.

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girl receiving eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Care Services at Drs. Ditto and Musick Eye Care Center

Our comprehensive eye care services include eye exams that delve deep into your eye health, precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans for various eye diseases and conditions, and emergency eye care. We also offer LASIK co-management, low vision tools, and myopia control techniques to promote healthy eyesight in children.


Our Range of Services:

  • Senior Indian woman, eye exam and optometrist with medical eyes test at doctor consultation
    We assess your vision and eye health using advanced diagnostic tools, providing insights that guide personalized care and treatment plans.
  • Young caucasian woman having eye examinationusing advanced technology
    From advanced diagnostics to personalized treatment, our innovative tools ensure your eyes receive the exceptional care they deserve.
  • Senior African American man low vision patient with difficulty reading
    Living with low vision is challenging, but there's hope. Using adaptive devices, training, and support, we empower you to regain independence.
  • Eye doctor examines eyesight of young caucasian boy in eye ophthalmological clinic
    Our pediatric eye exams are designed to be kid-friendly and engaging, ensuring a comfortable experience for your little ones.